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CSR Racing 2 – Best drag racing game for mobiles :

Out now on Android, CSR Racing 2 brings graphics that approach console quality, a slew of customization options, and entire garages of faithfully reproduced licensed vehicles.

The game launched last month in certain regions, but yesterday it was launched globally to the Play Store and on iOS. Developed by NaturalMotion, a studio owned by Zynga (the once flying-high company you might remember whilst the creator of Farmville), CSR Racing 2 follows through to the original CSR Racing, which accrued 190 million downloads across platforms. Big shoes to fill, nonetheless it looks like CSR Racing 2 can continue and even build on the legacy of the first title in the franchise.

It’s clear as soon as you open CSR Racing 2 that you’re playing a big budget game. That’s visible in the high production value and the impressive graphics. In reality, NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil boasted to Venture Beat that the resolution CSR Racing 2 achieves at 30FPS (on an iPad Pro) is greater than what consoles can output. That tells us how advanced mobile graphics have be than other things, but we have to give NaturalMotion for creating a gorgeous game that just teems with details.

CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game, so that you do not get the total 3D freedom of movement you might expect. You don’t even get to steer the vehicle: the only real controls are the shift stick and the nitrous switch, while the speed meter makes it pretty easy to land a perfect shift.

How to use CSR Racing 2 hack to generate unlimited money and gold:

CSR Racing 2 hack tool is more than easy what you are thinking about, As mentioned above you need to click on the get started now button, It will take you to the online CSR Racing 2 cheats and hack tool guide where you will need to enter the details of your CSR Racing 2 account such as username and number of gold and cash you want for your account and other resources as mentioned there. Now just fill up all the details and recheck them once… once verified just hit the generate button… And this is how you will use our online CSR Racing 2 hack and cheats tool to generate unlimited number of resources without spending any money.

Is this CSR Racing 2 guide is full proof and it won’t be ban my account?

This CSR Racing 2 guide and tips mentioned are 100% full proof and verified on daily basis to check the bugs and error in the system, If we face any difficulty or CSR Racing 2 change something on their servers then we need to update our system accordingly so sometimes it may not work if something happen with CSR Racing 2 own servers, But we can guarantee you that if their server is fine working that means our system is working for sure, You can also check the reviews posted by our visitors who have used it in past in the comments section. Soon we will be adding a live chat system which will help you to resolve you’re any kind of issues online without waiting further.


Tutorial for Csr racing 2 Hack Cheats Online Tool

  1. Click above online hack and proceed to the CSR Racing hack tool page.
  2. Enter your username used in the game.
  3. Select the amount of resources as desired ( Cash, Gold ).
  4. Tap The Generate Button.
  5. Wait for a few seconds while it is processed.
  6. Enable proxy support and Invisibility (highly recommended)
  7. Complete Verification Check – Enjoy unlimited resources.

Final review of the game :

We’ll bring you a review of CSR racing 2. This game has been officially launched FOR ANDROID and iOS this week. I will be explaining top tricks and tips in another post but here is my review so far of CSR racing 2. CSR racing 1 was a pretty good drag racing game on mobile and CSR 2 just ups the bars so much higher this game is almost damn near perfect and I mean it when I say that. This really raises the bar for drag racing games on mobile devices this is like the next level. If you look out racing rivals and then you look at CSR racing 2, this game csr 2 just blows racing rivals out of the water.
Now this game, the graphics first of all the graphics they look amazing even on 5s. And here we could do a lot more stuff that you couldn’t do in the first CSR, like you can sell your cars. You can have a shitload of cars you could sell the cars, you could strip the cars for parts for other cars it’s amazing and you get to the car everything is pretty much CSR won everything., just to a new level now I love the game there definitely is some stuff they can expand on.

I wish to expand a little bit more but overall it’s a really good fun game I definitely recommend you check in now and that’s pretty much it for the review now.